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April 26, 2011


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The people of the city said to Elisha, “Look, our lord, this town is well situated, as you can see, but the water is bad and the land is unproductive.

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Most people want the quickest way to lose weight that is both safe and effective. Endurance strength training is another great option to achieve this goal. In addition, lifestyle change is the key to ultimate body transformation and body composition change.

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En.I think I'll give his broader catalog a shot. ^$%
The satire should be good.

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Adding a few extra pounds of muscle, to most people’s frame, is like upgrading from a 4 cylinder motor to a 6 cylinder motor, and while working out, that larger motor requires much more fuel to operate. That extra fuel is - calories!

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I was overweight since the day I was born (birth weight = 10 pounds!)

and as I was growing up I struggled with overeating and food issues. I was teased and tormented as a kid about my weight.

It was awful to be called names and made fun of.

Someone wrote in my yearbook “I thought we were having an earthquake but it was just you walking by.”

That hurt…

I could not find clothes that fit me right and I felt awful.

Everyone that knew me thought I would be fat for life.

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